9 Tips to Design a Lead Magnet that Converts

9 tips to design a PDF lead magnet that converts | Productive and Free

If your lead magnet is the only form of interaction your target audience has with you, is it enough to convert them into a lead, customer, or client?

Does it provide such good free value that someone would be encouraged to check out your paid products or services? Is it clear and well-designed enough? Does it prove to your subscriber that you could indeed help them?

The truth is that a lead magnet should be able to help people get to know you, like you, and trust you enough to buy your products, book your services, and join your programs.

It’s just a matter of making it valuable, helpful, and clear enough to turn a potential client or customer into an actual paying client or customer.

So if you’re looking for ways to accomplish this, here are 9 tips to design a PDF lead magnet that converts.

1. Provide incredible value

First and foremost, the purpose of a lead magnet is to convert people into leads, customers, or clients. The idea is to provide such incredible value for FREE that your target customer or client will be more interested in what your PAID products or services have to offer.

You can accomplish this by putting yourself in your readers’ shoes and coming up with a specific way to help them solve a problem or reach a goal.

Aim to educate, motivate, or entertain them and as much as possible, make your lead magnet actionable by helping them get a quick win.

Remember, if your reader implements a tip or strategy you shared via your lead magnet and it works really well for them, they may be more inclined to buy from you or book your services because you’ve just proven to them that you actually know what you’re talking about.

In terms of formatting, you can provide incredible value by making your lead magnet clear, organized, engaging, and easy to digest.

Avoid cluttered layouts and using too many fonts or fonts that are hard to read. Make it ink-friendly in case they want to print it out. Make use of white space, hierarchy, headers, bullet points, photos, diagrams, icons, check boxes, text boxes, etc. to illustrate the content you’re sharing more effectively.

2. Add a cover page

Not many people add a cover page to their lead magnet but this is one quick and simple way you can impress your ideal customer or client right from the beginning. A cover page can help increase the perceived value of your lead magnet (and by extension, your business) and make you look more professional.

3. Add a welcome message

Within your lead magnet, I encourage you to welcome your new subscriber and briefly introduce yourself. Again, you have to assume that you only have one chance to impress and connect with your potential client or customer so it’s best to make each point of interaction count.

Think about it. What if they unsubscribe from your email list right away or what if your emails end up in their spam folder? Through a welcome message in your lead magnet itself, you can let them know who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should stick around.

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4. Brand your lead magnet

Your lead magnet is yet another opportunity to provide a streamlined experience for your target audience so it’s best to incorporate your brand elements in there too. You can add your business name, logo, colors, fonts, images, copy, values, and voice to promote consistency and brand recognition.

5. Make your lead magnet fillable and interactive

Since the purpose of your lead magnet is to provide incredible value to your target audience, your lead magnet should be really easy to use. People shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to read it, use it, or get value from it.

For this reason, I suggest making your lead magnet fillable and interactive by adding text boxes, check boxes, sections for notes, and “buttons” that your subscriber can click on to visit relevant links (you can do this using software such as Adobe Acrobat).

6. Add a memorable title

You can set your lead magnet apart from everyone else’s by adding an interesting and memorable title. This also makes it easy for you or others to mention it on different platforms.

7. Use a proper filename

Remember that your PDF lead magnet is something that people can download and save to their computers. I’ve seen my share of lead magnets with titles that are pretty embarrassing so I encourage you to name yours properly and professionally.

Instead of “final_checklist.pdf” or “workbook3.pdf” try this format:


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8. Proofread

This goes without saying but make sure to proofread your lead magnet before uploading it to your email marketing software. Typographical and spelling errors are some of the easiest mistakes to avoid and you’ll look more professional without them too.

9. End with a clear CTA

Once a subscriber has read (and gotten value from) your lead magnet, what should they do next? Don’t leave them hanging by adding a clear call-to-action or CTA to let them know what their next step is.

You could invite them to check out your products or services, book a call with you, join your community, connect with you on social media, share their thoughts with you, etc.


Your lead magnet has the potential to help your ideal customer or client get to know you, like you, and trust you enough to buy your products or book your services. Consider these nine tips to design valuable and helpful lead magnets that convert.

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