How to Create a Checklist Lead Magnet Template Using Google Docs

How to Create a Checklist Lead Magnet Template Using Google Docs | ProductiveandFree

A surefire way to grow your email list and get more leads is to offer a lead magnet.

By definition, a lead magnet is an incentive offered to people, often website visitors, in exchange for their contact information such as their name and email address.

It could take the form of a workbook, challenge, swipe file, webinar, email course, discount, report, spreadsheet, and many more but one of the most straightforward (and effective!) ones is a checklist.

Speaking from experience, even a simple checklist does have the potential to drive stellar conversions as long as it delivers incredible value, it’s aligned with your business, and it’s marketed to the right people.

Here’s how to create a checklist lead magnet template for free using Google Docs.

01. Create a New Google Doc Using a Template

First, create a new Google Doc by clicking on New > Google Docs > From Template.

Then scroll to the bottom of the Template Gallery and select the “Class Notes” template.

02. Edit the Photo

Extend the default photo to reach the margins then select the “Replace Image” button from the toolbar.

Select a photo from your computer, Google Drive, or somewhere else and double click on the image to be able to rearrange it until you’re satisfied with the cropped image.

03. Edit the Title

Highlight the title and change the text settings.

For this example, I used the font “Merriweather,” size 18, and color “light red 1.”

If you want to make this your default text settings, go to the toolbar and select Title > Click on the right arrow > Select “Update ‘Title’ to match”

Also for this example, I chose not to use any of the headings or line bars but feel free to use them if you want.

04. Choose the Bulleted List Option

For the actual checklist section, highlight the text you want to turn into checklist items, click on the “Bulleted List” icon from the toolbar, and choose the top right most selection (the one with the tick boxes).

At this point, you can now type all your checklist items and add short explanations below each item.

For this example, I used the font “Roboto,” size 10, color black and I made the checklist items “bold” while the explanation text “normal.”

05. Edit the Footer

Click on the footer section to reveal the footer settings.

Since I’m choosing not to add a cover page for this example, deselect the “Different first page” option so that anything you type in your footer section will be copied to every page of your checklist.

Next, insert your website URL or a short message in the footer section and change the text settings.

For this example, I used font “Lato,” size 12, and color “light red 1” to match the title.

06. Optional: Add a “What’s Next?” Section

After you type up your entire checklist, you might want to add a short paragraph or explanation to direct your subscriber to continue with the next step you want them to take (ex. join your program, book your services, buy your products, share your lead magnet, etc.).

07. Download as a PDF

Once you’re happy with your checklist lead magnet, download the file as a PDF and add it to your email marketing software to send to subscribers.

Here’s a look at what we created today.

Click on the image below to download the sample PDF (no need to sign up).


As you can see, creating a checklist lead magnet to incentivize your website visitors is so simple and easy especially if you use Google Docs. And if you create a template like we did today, you could revise and reuse the file over and over again for multiple pieces of content, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Ready to level-up your lead magnet?

Google Docs sure is handy but what if you want to create MORE than just checklists?

You could incentivize your subscribers with workbooks, challenges, assessments, Q&As, discounts, prompts, consultation invites, planners, and so many more.

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