Where to Promote Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List Faster

Where to Promote Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List Faster | ProductiveandFree

Offering a lead magnet is one of the most effective activities you can do to market your business or blog.

It’s a way for you to attract people, offer incredible value to them, and encourage them to join your email list.

After you’ve created one, however, there’s still the challenge of actually getting your target audience to find out about it.

Remember that no matter how valuable, informative, or life-changing your lead magnet, content upgrade, or opt-in freebie is, it won’t make a difference if no one knows about it first.

Here are 18 places to promote your lead magnet to grow your email list faster.

1. Your website homepage

As one of the most visited pages on your website, highlighting your lead magnet on your homepage can prove to be very effective. Here you can grab the attention of visitors and incentivize them immediately by offering something valuable in exchange for their contact information.

As much as possible, try to also promote your offer “above the fold” which is the visible upper portion of your homepage right before scrolling down. This increases the chance that a visitor won’t miss your lead magnet.

2. Navigation button

A prominent place people look at when visiting any page on your site is your website navigation. Since this is where they can find the most important sections of your site, it can be a strategic place for you to let them know about your lead magnet.

You can name the navigation button “Free Resources” (like I do in mine) or something similar like “Free Course,” “Free Resource Library,” or “Free Roadmap.”

3. Footer or pre-footer

For visitors who made the effort of scrolling all the way to the bottom of your website, you could direct them towards the next step they could take by highlighting a lead magnet in your footer or pre-footer section.

You could share a link to your lead magnet landing page using text or a graphic or even install the opt-in form ready for them to sign up.

4. Your blog sidebar

Your blog sidebar is also considered prime real estate since a lot of visitors typically arrive on your site through your blog posts (provided you have a blog, of course).

And since your blog’s purpose is to provide value to your reader, why not direct them to your other valuable resources (aka your lead magnet/s) through your blog sidebar?

5. Within a blog post

Lead magnets that are related to specific blog posts are called content upgrades and these tend to convert really well especially if the visitor is highly interested in learning more about the topic.

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6. Tools and resources page

If you have a dedicated page for tools and resources, you can take advantage of this section by sharing a link to your lead magnet there as well, as long as it’s also about tools, resources, or tutorials.

People visiting this page who are looking to discover helpful tools and resources can benefit by learning about your helpful resource/s (aka your lead magnet/s), too.

7. Website pop-up

You could also promote your lead magnet by installing a pop-up on your website. Although some people think of pop-ups as intrusive, it does have a high conversion rate if it’s well-designed and implemented well.

If you go down this route, try testing different types first such as a delayed pop-up or an exit pop-up instead of one that appears as soon as a visitor lands on your site.

8. About page

One of the biggest mistakes people make in creating pages of their website is failing to direct the visitor to take the next step. Instead of having a “dead end” about page, consider promoting a lead magnet there to encourage people to sign up for your email list.

9. 404 error page

A 404 error page is what a visitor sees if the page he/she is trying to reach couldn't be found on the server. This typically happens if they typed in a wrong URL or if a page has been deleted.

To make the most of this situation, you could customize your own 404 error page to contain a search bar, your website site map, your blog archives, or your lead magnet.

10. Archives page

Speaking of your archives page, you could also promote your lead magnet here since a person visiting this page is already looking for more information or resources you’ve shared on your blog.

You could then specify which blog posts have content upgrades to encourage them to check out those blog posts and sign up to join your email list.

11. Thank you page

Once a visitor signs up to join your email list, you have the option to direct them to a thank you page to say thanks, share a short message, and explain what they can expect from your email list. Then within that page, you could also invite them to share your lead magnet to their friends via email or social media platforms.

12. Social media

Social media is definitely a great opportunity to funnel people into your website and of course, direct them to your lead magnet. But since social media marketing strategies can vary from business to business, you can simply consider all the features of the specific platforms you’re prioritizing including your profile or bio section.

For example, if your audience uses Instagram, make sure to mention or promote your lead magnet via your profile, link, posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Live.

If you’re using Pinterest, use the profile section strategically, create a pin for your lead magnet, and share that pin in group boards.

If you’re using Facebook, share your lead magnet in your Facebook page, post it in your Facebook group (if you have one), and participate in group threads that allow the sharing of your lead magnet/s.

13. Email newsletter

If you currently have an email list, then you already have access to people who know, like, and trust you enough to keep getting emails from you. For this reason, make sure to let them know whenever you have a new lead magnet and encourage them to share it with their friends or whoever they think may benefit from it.

14. Email signature

Each email you send is an opportunity to let the receiver know more about you and your business. Aside from sharing links to your website or social media accounts in your email signature, why not share a link to your lead magnet too? As long as you know that it can help the person you’re emailing and you do it in a non-intrusive way, the receiver might appreciate you thinking of them.

15. Guest post

Guest posting is a great way to tap into other people’s audiences and raise awareness about you and your business. If permitted, make sure to link to your lead magnet especially if it’s related to the guest post you’ve just written.

16. Podcast interview

Similar to guest posting, you could boost your website traffic by going on a podcast as a guest and share where the listeners can find out more about you. Instead of simply mentioning your website URL or social media handles, you could direct them to a lead magnet landing page specifically made for that podcast host and his/her audience. Just make sure that it’s related to the topic of your interview so that it’ll convert better.

17. Ads

An obvious way to promote your lead magnet is to advertise them. Consider where your audience hangs out, what they do or look for while on those platforms, what kind of ads they respond to or resonate with, and incentivize them with your highly valuable offer.

18. Forums

Forums are filled with people asking questions or looking to discuss a topic with others. For this reason, consider forums as part of your marketing strategy to learn more about your target audience and engage with them.

While people in forums aren’t generally looking to be pitched to, there are some instances when participants would specifically ask about additional resources or be so interested in your answers that they’d hop on over to your forum profile and find your website.


It doesn’t matter how highly valuable your lead magnet it is unless your target audience actually knows about it. Consider promoting it in several areas of your website, on different social media platforms, through other people’s audiences, and via email, ads, or forums so that you could grow your email list faster.

Share in the comments below: Where have you been promoting your lead magnet so far? After reading this article, where else do you plan on promoting your lead magnet?

Where to Promote Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List Faster | ProductiveandFree