18 Tips to Improve Your Lead Magnet Strategy

18 Tips to Improve Your Lead Magnet Strategy

At this point you’ve probably already created a lead magnet and shared it via email, your website, or social media. You’re most likely proud that you’ve researched your target customer and created something you know would benefit them greatly.

But after all your hard work and excitement, you might be left wondering why they did not immediately come running to sign up for your freebie. So if you’re asking what went wrong and what you can do to see higher conversions, here are 18 tips to improve your lead magnet strategy.

01. Make your CTA stand out

The truth is, many visitors on your site don’t read every single word you publish or stop and admire every photo you share. In fact, most people only scan your website so it’s up to you to highlight your lead magnet and make it prominent enough to grab your visitors’ attention.

You can do this by making your call-to-action or CTA stand out—use buttons or graphics to link to it, use a color that’s different from the rest of your text, and use copy that will resonate with your target audience.

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02. Lessen the steps to sign up

Don’t make your visitors jump through hoops just to join your email list. Consider your current process and count how many steps it takes for them to opt in—

Will they need to click on a button to visit your landing page? Will they need to provide a lot of information about themselves? Will they need to join your community, share your landing page, and comment on a post before they get your lead magnet?

Try to keep it less than 30 seconds to submit their information and up to five minutes to receive your freebie via email.

03. Use a landing page

As the website owner, it’s also your job to direct the attention of your visitor. You have to take control of what they see (and don’t see) so if you include multiple buttons, colors, photos, and fonts, they’ll easily be distracted and might even end up doing nothing.

Instead, consider using a landing page with one clear message and one suggested action. You could use a pop-up lightbox, stand-alone web page, or even a Squarespace Cover Page if you use the platform.

04. Use clear and engaging copy

It’s important to use clear and engaging copy on your landing page especially if you want a visitor to take one specific action.

If you include vague promises, multiple messages, or an entire novel on the page, your visitor might get overwhelmed and simply x-out.

Make sure to highlight the benefits and not just the features of your lead magnet and try not to use generic copy for your CTA button such as “Subscribe” or “Join my mailing list.”

05. Check your landing page on different devices

This tip is often be overlooked but since a big portion of website visitors nowadays use their mobile or tablet to browse the web, make sure your landing page is optimized and no images or text are cut from the screen.

06. Have your target customer in mind

Since your lead magnet’s purpose is to attract your target customer, make sure that you have them in mind when creating and designing your opt-in freebie.

Ask: What’s in it for them and why should they bother in the first place? How is this relevant to them now? How exactly will they benefit if they take action on your free checklist, masterclass, or swipe file? What transformation stands to take place if they opt in and implement the lessons you’ve shared?

Try putting yourself in their shoes and fill in the blanks:

“Because of this free _____, I was able to _____.”

07. Have your business in mind

This one might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people offer opt-in freebies that have no relation to their business whatsoever. This happens when they’re more focused on the quantity instead of the quality of their subscribers.

For example, I can guarantee that if you offer free high-quality stock photos, a lot of people will sign up for your email list. But this won’t help you much if your business has nothing to do with photos or imagery, like if you’re a nutritionist or a life coach.

Instead, think of your paid offer as the last step in your ideal customer’s journey and treat your lead magnet as the first.

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08. Create a title

It’ll help grab your visitors’ attention if you create a unique and catchy title for your lead magnet. This will make you stand out from other business owners and bloggers offering the same thing and increase the likelihood that they’ll remember your opt-in freebie when someone they know asks for a resource recommendation.

09. Add a quick message

Almost anyone can design and deliver an opt-in freebie nowadays but what can help you stand out is a personal message. Consider including a quick introduction or welcome message to add a personal touch to your lead magnet and connect with your subscriber.

10. Clarify the next step

Now that your subscriber has received your lead magnet and implemented the lessons you’ve shared in it, what should they do next?

Consider adding a page or section at the end of your opt-in freebie with a suggestion as to what you want them to do next—Should they share it with others? Email you about their insights? Become a member of your community? Join your program? Book your services? Or buy your products?

11. Follow up via email

Not everyone does this but it can help you stand out from your competition if you follow up via email asking them feedback or insights they’ve learned from implementing your lead magnet.

This can bring the learning process full circle (if they’re able to state how your opt-in freebie helped them and how their situation, behavior, or mindset has improved because of it) and truly cement the value you provide.

12. Brand it

Even if your opt-in freebie is a simple checklist, I still suggest treating it as an opportunity to create a streamlined customer experience.

Aside from including your URL at the bottom of the page, make sure you use images, fonts, colors, and layouts that resonate with your target audience and match your brand.

This will make you look more professional as well as increase the perceived value of your lead magnet and by extension, the value of your business.

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13. Name it properly

This is another aspect of your lead magnet that you can treat as a branding opportunity.

Consider the kind of impression you’re giving your subscriber if you send them a free checklist named, “Final-checklist-4.pdf” when you could easily name it better (ex. “ProductiveandFree_SEOTipsChecklist.pdf”).

14. Create a thank you page

Consider the entire process a website visitor goes through to sign up for your email list. What happens after they opt in? Do you acknowledge receiving their email address? Do you thank them? Do you tell them what comes next?

Remember, no one wants to be left hanging especially if they went through the trouble of giving you their personal (very sacred!) email address. The least you could do is thank them and tell them how or when they can expect their freebie.

15. Monitor your data

Offering lead magnets is an effective marketing strategy because of how much data and insights you can get from the process. This includes the conversion rates for your landing page, opt-in freebie format, copy, design, and so much more so it’s best to keep track of all this data to determine which strategies are working best and why.

16. Test and improve

Based on the data you acquire, you could test different variations of your landing page design, opt-in form, copy, design, etc. You could even do split tests to see which option works better and later double down on the highest converting one.

17. Continue to drive traffic to it

No matter how valuable, informative, or life-changing your lead magnet is, it won’t make a difference if no one knows about it. For this reason, you should continue to drive traffic to your opt-in freebie through the different channels and platforms you’re prioritizing—email, social media, blogging, advertising, etc. long after you’ve first created or shared your opt-in freebie.

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18. Ask people to share it

The goal is that your opt-in freebie should be incredibly helpful for your target customer. So much so in fact that they would be willing to share it with others they think can benefit from it too so it wouldn’t hurt to ask them to if they want.

Remember, if you aren’t able to provide much value for free through your lead magnet, then you’d be hard pressed to convince people to be interested in your paid products or services.


Delivering an opt-in freebie is one of the best ways to market your business. It could help you attract your target customers, offer incredible value to them, and encourage them to join your email list. But if you find that your process isn’t converting as well as you’d hope, consider these 18 tips to improve your lead magnet strategy.

Share in the comments below: How effective is your lead magnet strategy? Which tips from this list are you thinking of trying out soon?

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