7 Steps to Grow Your Email List Fast with an Ebook Lead Magnet

7 Steps to Grow Your Email List Fast with an Ebook Lead Magnet | Productive and Free

So far we’ve talked a whole lot about lead magnets.

We shared the definition of a lead magnet, how it can be helpful for your business, examples you can use, tips to help you design a PDF lead magnet, and tips to improve your entire strategy.

This week, we’re focusing on eBooks specifically and the steps you could take to use eBook lead magnets to grow your email list fast.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

1. Choose an eBook Topic

The first step is to choose your eBook topic.

It might sound simple on the surface but many people actually get stuck at the beginning since there are so many topics one could write about. So to help move you along this process, try finding a common topic under the following categories:

  • a topic that’s in line with your target audience's interests

  • a topic that’s relevant to your business offers

  • a topic that you're knowledgeable about or one you had success with

I recommend doing a bit of research and writing down a couple of ideas under each category to narrow down your best option.

It’s also a good idea to go with the topic that could help your target audience get a ‘quick win.’ Right from the beginning, you should already identify what the promise or end result will be for anyone who signs up for your eBook.

Remember, the more actionable your eBook is, the better, because it can help them get to know you, like you, and trust you enough to buy your products or book your services.

I’m a firm believer in “done is better than perfect” so try not to dwell too long in this first step. In my opinion, as long as you come from a place of serving and helping others, that’s what’s more important. In any case, you can always improve or replace your eBook later on once you know what’s working and not working.

2. Create an Outline

Compared to other kinds of lead magnets, an eBook is usually more in-depth and comprehensive. But in line with our goal of helping our target audience with a quick win, I suggest making your eBook more manageable, engaging, and easy to digest.

You can do this by creating an outline to break down your eBook topic into small chunks.

If you think your eBook is too long (generally if it takes more than a day to finish reading), consider focusing on a smaller subset of your eBook topic instead of going over everything under the sun.

Remember, your eBook readers are most probably busy people so there’s no need to make it as long as a novel or textbook anyway.

3. Schedule and Write

As you already know, saying you’re going to write an eBook is not the same as actually writing an eBook. For this reason, I suggest scheduling some time in your calendar to actually sit down and complete your eBook.

By committing to a specific timeframe and avoiding distractions, you’ll be able to combat procrastination or even perfectionism.

If you’re pressed for time, this is where your outline from step 2 will come in handy since you can set deadlines for each subtopic. Just don’t forget to also allot time to proofread your eBook.

4. Design Your eBook

The next step is to design your eBook.

Remember that the purpose of your eBook lead magnet is not the same as the purpose of an ebook for sale, a novel, or a textbook. Your goal is to provide a quick win to your target audience so making your eBook engaging is priority.

Feel free to design your eBook with your brand colors and fonts, interesting photos, design elements, etc. so that it looks more appealing and less boring. Break up long pieces of text, add white space, and use bullet points and text hierarchy whenever necessary.

Keep in mind that your subscribers might want to print out your eBook so be sure to make it ink-friendly. Try to limit the full-page images and large design elements that are full of color.

There are generally three options when it comes to designing your eBook lead magnet. You can:

  1. Hire a designer to do it for you,

  2. Design your eBook yourself from scratch, or

  3. Use a template.

Of the three options, I recommend the third one since it’s more budget-friendly and not as time-consuming.

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5. Add to Email Marketing Software

Once you’ve completed your eBook, it’s time to put it out there for people to see and this is where an Email Marketing Software comes in.

Just in case you’re worried about things being too technical, here’s a quick and simple explanation as to how this all works:

  1. Using an Email Marketing Software, you can create a sign up form that can be used to capture people’s contact information such as their names and email addresses.

  2. You can place the sign up form on your website, link to it on your social media accounts, or share it anywhere you think will be seen by your target audience.

  3. Once someone signs up via the form, he or she will receive your eBook via email.

  4. You’ll then have an email list of the people who will have signed up for your eBook and agreed to hear from your business on an ongoing basis.

  5. You can then use this email list to send out updates about your business such as new products, services, promotions, announcements, etc.

It’s important to note that there are a lot of Email Marketing Softwares available in the market. There are free and paid options with simple and more advanced features so choosing the right software for you would depend on your business needs.

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6. Use a Landing Page

This next step is optional but many people, including myself, consider landing pages more effective in getting people to sign up for your lead magnet.

This is because a landing page is a stand-alone website page that aims to get a visitor to take a single, specific action. There’s usually no navigation, no social media links, and no advertisements or promotions that could divert a website visitor’s attention.

Remember the sign up form we mentioned in step 5? Well, you can place this sign up form on a landing page instead of just any page on your website to increase your conversion rates.

To see landing pages in action, click here to see some of our own lead magnets.

7. Promote Your eBook

Last but not the least, be sure to promote your eBook on relevant platforms to get it in front of your target audience. Find out where your target audience hangs out online (and offline if applicable) or where you can best reach them.

Make use of various marketing strategies to make them aware of your lead magnet and actually get excited to sign up for it… and they should (!) because after all, the eBook you’re offering is free, valuable content that could help them get a quick win.


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Remember, it doesn’t matter how amazing or life-changing you eBook lead magnet is if no one in the world knows about it. So, if you’re curious, here are our recommended 18 places to promote your lead magnet.


Offering an eBook lead magnet is one of the most effective ways to quickly grow your email list. Follow these 7 steps so you can get started in no time: choose an eBook topic, create an outline, schedule and write, design your eBook, add to an email marketing software, use a landing page, and promote your eBook.