9 Signs You Need a Productivity Coach

9 Signs You Need a Productivity Coach | ProductiveandFree.com

Whether you’re a CEO, manager, employee, business owner or freelancer, no one started out being productive right at the outset. 

Everyone starts by trying out different strategies and tools, updating and tweaking along the way, until they land on a system that they can rely on and build upon. 

In the process of becoming highly productive, however, you eventually reach a breaking point. 

There could be multiple factors involved but it's usually because…

  • You've read 100 articles and books about productivity tips and hacks (which you've wasted 100 hours doing). 
  • You've joined dozens of eCourses about "all-in-one productivity systems" (which were simply tips and hacks put together)
  • You've tried 23 apps about to-do lists and calendars (which only disrupted your process and schedule). 
  • You've implemented tool after tool, and strategy after strategy (which resulted in no gained productivity, momentum, or consistency). 

Simply put, you're either overwhelmed or frustrated and you've simply had enough because you're still not getting the results that you wanted.  

If you’re at this point, or if you’d like to avoid going down that road, then you've come to the right place.

Here are 9 signs you (finally) need a productivity coach.


01 | You can’t seem to focus or get the right things done on time. You’re starting to realize something's wrong and something needs to change. 

You might have plans and schedules and calendars but when it comes down to taking action and meeting a deadline, you're distracted or procrastinating, and you don't know why and you can't help it. 


02 | You have a vision but it’s unclear and undefined; therefore, you’re unable to take the necessary steps towards making it a reality. 

You might have goals and dreams but you're not sure how to make it specific, measurable, and actionable. You might even have too many goals that you're unsure how to juggle them all or how to prioritize.   


03 | You feel stuck or you’ve plateaued. You need a new perspective or a different approach to spike an upward trend again.

You've attained some of your goals or part of your goals but now, you're in the middle and you don't know the path ahead. You couldn't find resources either because all of the articles or advice available out there are for beginners. 


04 | You’re wasting more and more time, energy, attention, and even money but you’re still unsatisfied with the outcome. You might even be regressing.

You might have found resources, team members, and technology to be productive but for some reason, they're still not as effective as you'd hoped. 


05 | You perpetually feel overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, or lost and it’s starting to affect your productivity, health, and relationships.

You feel like you're climbing a ladder leaning against the wrong wall and it's negatively affecting your health habits and interactions with your spouse, partner, children, and employees. 


06 | You’re tired of trying new ways to be productive, implementing little tweaks and changes that are ineffective and are simply time-wasters. You might have even experienced Shiny Object Syndrome or FOMO (fear of missing out).

You simply want a straightforward solution that caters to your specific needs and wants. No more general tips, tricks, and quick fixes aimed at anyone and everyone.


07 | You feel burnt out because your to-do list just keeps getting longer and your finish line keeps moving further away.

You feel like your accomplishments become irrelevant the second you attain them because you immediately have a new target. You have no room to breathe and enjoy the milestones you worked so hard to reach. 


08 | You have all the right strategies and all the right tools but you have limiting beliefs and mindset roadblocks that you can’t seem to overcome. 

You're smart and determined. If it were any other person in your shoes, you'd know what to tell them and what they should do. But you can't seem to pinpoint or overcome what's eating you up or holding you back. 


09 | You're highly accomplished and highly productive but you know that what got you here won’t get you there

You're determined to get to the next level but you're now in new, untapped territory. You need to think and act for the longer term but at the same time, you're afraid of losing everything you've already gained or letting other people down. 


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