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"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned."

-Benjamin Franklin


If you've ever spent minutes, maybe hours, looking for a missing file, a misplaced business card, or even your own house keys, then you would definitely agree with good old Ben's quote up there. 

Organization is critical in staying productive and getting things done. 

By definition, to organize means to identify, arrange, and categorize so that instead of clutter or chaos, you're left with order and ultimately, peace of mind. 

And just in case you haven't noticed, it's already the end of March which means Spring cleaning is upon us! What better time to share a 31 Days of Organization post (Home Edition) than right now, am I right? 

For this post, I created a free 31-day checklist so you can follow along and mark the items you will have organized. It's primarily divided into rooms or areas of the home you can tackle one day at a time. Although I tried to be as thorough as I could, I reserved Day 31 for anything I may have overlooked. Feel free to revise to cater to your own situation/home.

There are also 10 suggestions for "Next Actions" to help you decide on what to do for each item you encounter:

  1. Discard

  2. Donate

  3. Replace

  4. Repair

  5. Clean, Wash, or Polish

  6. Put in Storage

  7. Label and Categorize

  8. Scan or Take Photos Of

  9. File or Sort

  10. Replenish

Keep in mind that this 31-day project depends on you and your home—how many rooms there are, how much stuff you have, how organized you want to be, and how much time you can set aside each day. For this reason, consider this list as merely a guide. After all, organization is an on-going process; it's just more appropriate to do now that it's Spring! ;-) 

Ready? Let's get started!


Entryway / Mudroom

1. Shoe Rack / Coat Rack / Mail Sorter


Storage Room / Attic / Basement

2. Seasonal Clothing

3. Seasonal Decor and Gift-wrapping

4. Sports and Outdoor Equipment

5. Broom Closet / Cleaning Materials



6. Clothes Closet / Dresser

7. Linen Closet

8. Bags / Purses / Shoes

9. Collections / Hobby Supplies



10. Shower

11. Medicine Cabinet

12. Toiletries / Storage / Under the sink

13. Make-up / Cosmetics / Jewelry

Want to follow along with a free checklist?

Click here to download (no sign up or purchase necessary).

Kitchen / Dining Room

14. Pantry

15. Fridge

16. Freezer

17. Utensils / Kitchenware / Glassware

18. Cupboard / Wine Rack / Bar / Bar Cart


Home Office

19. Important Files and Paperwork

20. Photos and Music

21. Desk

22. Electronics (Apps, Email, and Downloads)


Kid’s Room

23. Kid's or Kids' Room/s


Pets’ Area

24. Pet's or Pets' Area


Bedroom / Living room

25. Shelves / Bookcases / Side tables / Coffee tables

26. Books / Magazines / Movies / Games



27. Car/s or Bikes



28. Emergency Kit and Supplies

29. Garden / Patio / Backyard

30. Plants


Extra Day

31. Additional item or room

This day is reserved for anything you have that wasn't included in the list (ex. guest room, swimming pool, or tool shed) or for a previous item that needs more than one day of your attention (ex. sorting email, backing up computer files, sifting through collections, etc.). 


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31 Days of Organization + Free Checklist | ProductiveandFree.com