My name is Tet and I’m the Founder of Productive and Free.

As a productivity coach, blogger, and educator, I believe in a well-rounded approach:

  • mindset and movement
  • theory and practice
  • planning and doing
  • efficiency and effectiveness
  • income and impact

You'll find these at the core of my coaching programs (Productive, Purposeful You and Accountable, Accomplished You), products (Goal Mastery Workshop and Prioritization On Point), blog posts, and other resources because here at Productive and Free...

Our goal in being productive isn’t simply do more work.

It’s so we can be free to pursue our passions.

Everyday my team and I help dream chasers, self-starters, and high achievers turn their purpose into action. 

Can we help you do the same?

Have a look around and let us know. 

We can't wait to be a part of your journey!




Tet Antonio

Founder of Productive and Free