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You're driven. You're capable. You're hardworking.

But as a busy entrepreneur who wears several hats, you realize that it takes a lot more than simply getting things done—you need to get the right things done and in the right order.

You know that you need to be both efficient and effective. You need accountability, guidance, and structure. You need systems and routines that make you a smarter and more productive entrepreneur.

If you don't know where to start, how to build momentum, or how to make the most impact towards reaching your business and personal goals, then Productivity On Point is exactly what you need right now.



Productivity On Point

Productivity On Point is an eight-week program for those who want to work with a coach to reach higher levels of focus, accountability, and productivity… and are genuinely willing to take action to get there.


Phase 1: REVIEW

We review your past and current situation in terms of five categories: your mindset, schedule, habits, systems, and results.

We identify what's working and what's not, and we determine areas that need the most focus.


We set goals and create a comprehensive but realistic action plan for you to execute each week.

We also craft your Ideal Productive Week so you know exactly what to prioritize on a daily basis to make the most impact on your goals.

Phase 3: DO

We look into implementing the best tools for your situation, streamlining your systems and automations, and developing the right habits and routines, all to make things easier, faster, and more effective for you, even long after our time working together.

Ready to get started?

Your investment is $3,000 or two monthly payments of $1,600.

Meet Your Coach

Tet @ Productive and Free

Tet is a productivity coach and the founder of Productive and Free.

Through coaching, blogging, and teaching, she continues to help thousands of busy individuals overcome overwhelm and create a purposeful life and business. Her approach to productivity is unique and well-rounded by focusing on mindset and movement, strategy and systems, intention and implementation.

Most importantly, her goal in helping you be productive isn’t so you can simply do more work. It’s so that you can be free to pursue your passions.