Welcome to the Goal Mastery Workshop

A step-by-step online program designed to help you set goals and master them so you could live by design, not by default.

I'm so excited you're here right now because this tells me that you're ready and committed to turning your dream into reality!

Tet | ProductiveandFree.com

My name is Tet and I'll be your host for this workshop. As a coach, blogger, and educator, my mission is to help dream chasers like you be productive and free to pursue your passions.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at hello@productiveandfree.com and I'd be happy to assist you.



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Below you have 4 modules & 7 videos:

  • GMW Overview
  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Setting Sail
  • Module 2: Braving the Waters
  • Module 3: Arriving
  • Module 4: Thriving 
  • Conclusion

Let's get started!


GMW Overview

Watch the video below to learn what will be covered in this workshop.

  • Length: 01:15 min.


In this video, we highlight the importance of goal-setting and how it's essential to having both a direction and a destination. This is the key to living our lives by design, not by default. 

  • Length: 02:45 min.

Module 1: Setting Sail

In module 1, we establish a solid foundation for setting goals that are important and relevant to you. We hone in on your 'why'.

  • Length: 10:29 min.

Module 2: Braving the Waters

In module 2, we eliminate outdated goal-setting methods and learn which combination of two strategies is the most effective and comprehensive.  

  • Length: 12:40 min.

Module 3: Arriving

In Module 3, we create an action plan to turn your dreams into reality. With the help of the Goal Mastery Framework, we take your WHY from Module 1 and combine it with the WHAT from Module 2. By the end of this lesson, you'll be equipped with the HOW.  

  • Length: 06:50 min.

Module 4: Thriving

In Module 4, we learn what it really takes to continue setting and accomplishing goals weeks and months after this workshop is over. We bridge the gap between action and purpose. 

  • Length: 08:57 min.


Here's a recap of what you've learned and where to go from here. 

  • Length: 02:00 min.

Goal Mastery Workshop

Congratulations for completing the Goal Mastery Workshop!

Now it's up to you to turn your purpose into action, and live by design, not by default.

Tet | ProductiveandFree.com

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