Productivity tips are a dime a dozen


Even if a person knows 742,938 productivity tips, this doesn't automatically make him/her a productive person. 

It takes daily action, sustained motivation, and quite a bit of strategy to come out ahead.

But hey, it doesn't always have to be so difficult!

Most times all you need is a little reminder or a thought-provoking message, and some research-based productivity strategies, of course.


Now imagine...


You open your email inbox and read a quick productivity tip to help get you going every single day.

You get your dose of insight, strategy, or motivation on a daily basis.

You move one step closer to being more proactive, more intentional, and more productive each day.




Daily Productivity Tips


As the name suggests, we'll send you helpful productivity tips via email to motivate you, inform you, and hold you accountable on a daily basis.

Think of it as your personal coaching newsletter—perfect for those who aren't ready to hire a coach just yet!

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose from three editions: Mover, Shaker, or Empire Builder
  2. Decide when you want to start getting the emails
  3. Automatically receive productivity tips in your inbox for 31 days

That's it!

Then if you want even more productivity tips after 31 days, simply purchase another edition you want to continue with.


Daily Productivity Tips | Mover Edition

MOVER Edition

Productivity tips #1 to #31

  • 31 fundamental productivity tips
  • One email per day for 31 days
  • Each email is approx. 100 words
  • Want a peak? Check out the free checklist here.


SHAKER Edition

Productivity tips #32 to #62

  • 31 advanced productivity tips
  • One email per day for 31 days
  • Each email is approx. 150 words



Productivity tips #63 to #93

  • 31 business & leadership -oriented productivity tips
  • One email per day for 31 days
  • Each email is approx. 200 words


"Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results."

- Unknown


Meet Your Coach

Productive and Free

Tet is a productivity coach and the Founder of Productive and Free.

Through coaching, blogging, and teaching, she continues to help thousands of busy individuals overcome overwhelm and create a purposeful life and business. Her approach to productivity is unique and well-rounded by focusing on mindset and movement, strategy and systems, intention and implementation.

Most importantly, her goal in helping you be productive isn’t so you can simply do more work. It’s so that you can be free to pursue your passions.