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01. Do you accept guest posts?

Thank you for your interest but we're not looking for guest posts right now. 

02. How do I book a coaching session with you?

Please check out my services page, choose a program, and book a free Discovery Call. 

03. Where do you get your information about productivity and personal growth?  

I love learning so I constantly read books (see the 3 Takeaways blog category), watch videos (Ted Talks and documentaries), join courses and workshops, listen to expert interviews, and learn from personal + client experience.

04. When and how did you start Productive and Free?

I launched Productive and Free in January 2017 as a blog first, then once my subscribers grew to the thousands, I conducted surveys which became the basis of all our products and services.

05. What's your #1 productivity tip?

Commit to continuous improvement. Productivity tools, hacks, and shortcuts come and go but if you're always improving, you're able to adapt and keep moving forward.

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