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Does this sound familiar?


You realize the importance of taking action on a consistent basis.

You recognize its role in helping you achieve all your business and personal goals.

But in spite of wanting to make a difference, it's hard to keep showing up every single day, especially when you're not feeling inspired at all.

You feel frustrated whenever you procrastinate ("I can just do it tomorrow").

You feel ashamed how often you give in to laziness ("I don't feel like it").

You feel impatient because you're not seeing the results that you want yet so it's easier to just give up ("Why should I even bother to continue?!").

If you resonate with any of these statements BUT you genuinely want to move forward, then Accountable, Accomplished You is exactly what you need right now. 


Accountable, Accomplished You includes:


01. One-on-one accountability and support for 10 weeks

02. Weekly coaching including:

  • Assessment of past and current situation
  • Goal-setting and weekly agenda
  • Two 30-minute coaching call sessions (Weeks 1 and 10)
  • Eight email check-in sessions (Weeks 2-9)
  • A personalized online accountability tracker

03. A shared Google Drive folder to store questionnaires, resources, and the accountability tracker



Your investment:

$550 for this 10-week program

What Accountability Can Do For You


There are different forms of accountability but one of the most effective kinds is when you involve someone else in your process, preferably in a professional capacity (not friends or relatives).

It's easier for people to give up on their habits and activities when they're on their own but not when they have others checking in on them.

An accountability coach would hold you to a higher standard (based on your potential) and help you stop making excuses that you would otherwise give in to.

Whenever you feel like procrastinating or giving up, having (and paying for) an accountability coach can be a powerful motivator to continue taking action and keep going after your goals on a consistent, long-term basis.


Meet Your Coach

Tet @ Productive and Free

Tet is a productivity coach and the founder of Productive and Free.

Through coaching, blogging, and teaching, she continues to help thousands of busy individuals overcome overwhelm and create a purposeful life and business. Her approach to productivity is unique and well-rounded by focusing on mindset and movement, strategy and systems, intention and implementation.

Most importantly, her goal in helping you be productive isn’t so you can simply do more work. It’s so that you can be free to pursue your passions.