Accountable, Accomplished You

A 10-week one-on-one accountability program to help you develop or reshape a habit

Accountable, Accomplished You |

Is this true for you?


You recognize the importance of habits.

You know that habits are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.

But as a busy individual who wears several hats, you realize you need accountability, consistency, and strategy to make the right habits stick. 

If you want to develop good habits or reshape bad ones, then Accountable, Accomplished You may be exactly what you need right now. 


Accountable, Accomplished You includes:


01. One-on-one accountability and support for 10 weeks

02. Weekly check-in and feedback including:

  • Assessment of past and current situation
  • Goal-setting and weekly agenda
  • Two 60-minute video call sessions (Weeks 1 and 6)
  • Eight email sessions (Weeks 2-5 and 7-10)
  • A shared online Accountable, Accomplished You Tracker

03. A shared Google Drive folder to store questionnaires, resources, and the A.A.Y Tracker



This is for you if:

✓  You recognize the importance of habits and how it can help you achieve your goals.

✓  You want an outside source of accountability and support.

✓  You want to learn research-based strategies that are proven to develop habits.

This is not for you if:

𝙭  You don’t believe habits are necessary to reach your goals.

𝙭  You already have an effective and long-term accountability system.

𝙭  You already know all the ways to develop or reshape habits.


Your investment: $950

Meet Your Coach

Tet @ Productive and Free

Tet is a productivity coach and the Founder of Productive and Free.

Through coaching, blogging, and teaching, she continues to help thousands of busy individuals overcome overwhelm and create a purposeful life and business. Her approach to productivity is unique and well-rounded by focusing on mindset and movement, strategy and systems, intention and implementation.

Most importantly, her goal in helping you be productive isn’t so you can simply do more work. It’s so that you can be free to pursue your passions.