Hello and welcome!

My name is Tet and I’m a productivity coach who helps busy entrepreneurs be more productive and free to do the things they love.

Want a quick time-saving solution?

The best way I can help you right now is through my templates.

You see, when designed with strategy and conversion in mind, templates can most definitely help you streamline your systems, scale your business, and stay sane while doing #allthethings.

Imagine never having to start from scratch ever again —

You can skip the stress and frustration and quickly move things forward in your business as soon as today.

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P.S. When I’m not designing time-saving templates, you’ll find me hanging out at the beach, hiking the local trails, or watching Netflix and HBO (because it’s 100% possible to be productive and still be caught up with all your favorite shows!).


Here are 10 quick facts about me


Personality Type

INFJ (also known as “The Advocate”)

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee and tea (and sparkling water)

Beach or Mountain?

Both (I live in Los Angeles)

Describe Your Style

Minimalist and laid back

Random Fact

Ran the LA full marathon & Disney half marathon

Favorite TV Shows

Friends, The Office, and Game of Thrones

Favorite Food

Japanese, Thai, and Filipino

Favorite Sport

Figure Skating (I was a figure skater as a kid)

Favorite Books

The Harry Potter books

Favorite Movies

Star Wars, Marvel, and DC movies (proud nerd!)


let’s connect

I’m mostly on Instagram — come say hi and share something about yourself too! :)